Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guns and Immigrants, a tale of hypocrisy.

Once upon a time (actually April 23rd 2010) a princess (ok, a governor) of a far away place (Arizona is sort of out of the way) decreed (signed into law) a bill designed to fight the CRIME of crossing the border and living in the great country of America illegally. The liberal government had dropped the ball and left many states to fend for themselves without support and turned a deaf ear to the plight of the border states, being over-run with a mix of good people and drug-running criminals swarming their sacred lands...

Of course, we all remember how this story played out. The government sued Arizona, and some activist citizens appealed to the liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (federal court out of that cesspool called San Francisco, CA) who overturned the portions of the law that actually would have worked.

Remember, this law did not require all latinos to "present their papers" as the critics would have you believe, nor did it result in automatic deportation of anyone caught in town without proper identification on them. Instead, this law simply took away the discretion of local law enforcement to choose to follow up on suspects whom they felt may be in the country illegally. If you were stopped, had no ID, couldn't speak English (this is AMERICA after all, it's what we speak) and essentially gave the officer reason to think you were here illegally, they had to follow up on it. Actually, the law required "suspected" illegal immigrants be detained while they tried to clear up the issue of legal status, and if they were PROVEN to be here illegally, then turned over to the appropriate Federal authorities, to be handled in accordance with Federal law.

 No ID? That can get any white, caucasian male, a trip to the police station. That's how criminals get around a traffic stop, hoping the officer won't want to waste the time doing the paperwork and investigating who they really have in the vehicle. But do it to a latino, and it's somehow racial profiling.

The government's puppet appeals courts have now also struck down the effective parts of Georgia's attempt at similar legislation. You know, those courts where judges sit, anxiously hoping someday to have a President appoint them to a higher court, maybe even the Supreme Court! Of course, given recent events, they have to wait in line behind teachers who have never been a judge in their life (but she probably DID stay at a Holiday Inn last night).

Remember the good old days, when the States were sovereign? Probably not, because they have been subject to the whims of the ever-growing Federal Government for the better part of a century now...

BUT now we come to the next part of this story... we've already seen how the government has forsaken the borders, and slapped the hands of the States trying to protect their sovereign borders. NOW the same federal government that chooses to look the other way while states suffer an onslaught of ILLEGAL immigrants crossing their borders, has its liberal agents of doom talking about how the poor government in Mexico and our ATF agents are so overworked because of our slack gunlaws.

According to the report...

It called for increased criminal penalties for illegal straw purchases, enactment by Congress of a "dedicated firearms trafficking statute," and for ATF to get reports from gun dealers on purchases of multiple long guns "that are now the weapons of choice for Mexican drug cartels."

We have laws on the books, but they just don't deter the criminals, so we want to make it not only illegal, but this time, REALLY REALLY illegal, to traffic in guns illegally, and the felony and jail time needs to be a BIGGER felony with MORE jail time.

Also, though we cannot infringe on your right to bear arms, we want that to mean just as long as you buy one at a time, or one every few years or so, we'll decide where to draw that line later, but trust us, we'll be fair about it.

And finally, we know we already pretend hand guns are worse than other guns, but now, since we have gotten law after law on the book about waiting periods, magazine capacity, different ages for different guns, etc... NOW we think we've got everyone dumbed down enough that they'll just take our word and accept that "long guns" (sounds really scary) are now the weapon of choice of these EVIL DRUG CARTELS (oooh, scary voice).
Actually, "long gun" is what we call our rifles and shotguns. They aren't just going after our assault rifles (those evil black guns that go bang as fast as you can pull the trigger) but now they want your sporting and hunting guns to be tracked as well.

How do you think they propose to track multiple gun purchases? Not on the good word and intentions of the purchaser (that would be us, the law abiding, voting citizens who hold our Second Amendment rights near and dear). No, they would have to keep a record... of course, this would be too cumbersome to have dealers keep the records, so of course, they have to require all dealers to forward all records of purchases to some new three-letter government agency .The ATF, afterall, is so overworked (the reason for this proposed legislation) and due to the SHEER AND UTTER STUPIDITY of it's leadership, has lost a few good agents recently.

Remember, the biggest threat to the citizenry of America, is not a foreign nation hell-bent on wiping us out. It's not due to some obscure and insignificant terrorist threat, who maybe every few years might get away with a successful attack. Nope, it's from our own government, from those we carelessly elect because of empty promises, or those who some other dimwit population of some failing socialist state elect to try to enforce their far left viewpoints on the rest of us red-staters because they just know so much better whats best for us than we do... God bless their little bleeding liberal hearts.

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