Sunday, December 5, 2010


So when I started this blog, one of the options available was running small adds on the side by AdSense... I figured it was small, off to the side, and they said it was targeted advertisements based on blog content.

Having seen numerous blogs with APMEX adds to buy silver,, berkey water filters, and other adds pertaining to my interests and blog content, I thought "why not"?

Well, a few days ago I bashed Missouri's idiot Senator, Claire McCaskill. She's a rank and file Democrat who does not listen to the desires of her constituents, but rather votes as she see's fit.

TODAY I log on, to check some comments, and what do I see? An add from AdSense, encouraging people to contact Claire McCaskill and SUPPORT the DREAM act... I promptly removed their gadget from my blog.

Maybe this is why even with all the warrantless wiretaps, key words raising flags on listening centers by the NSA, and basically all our losses of privacy and security in our effects and home, that our government still cannot effectively stop terrorism. The software just doesn't exist. It see's "Claire McCaskill" on my blog, and even though I am unabashedly opposed to this witch, and to the policies she supports, I get a banner add, most likely based on just her name coming up, supporting some horrible piece of left wing progressive legislation, even though my content pegs me squarely as a conservative...

By the way, oppose the DREAM Act... but I'll get into that later.

And if anyone knows of any decent banner add that can maybe let you pick the content it displays, please let me know...

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